5 Must Haves: Valentine's Day Edition

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While the origins of Valentine’s day are perhaps too often forgotten, there’s no doubt that the day ushers in a season of grand romantic gestures, tender moments, and of course, chocolate.


While people today view it as a day of pure romance, Valentine’s Day roots are quite a different story. It was the mighty ancient Romans responsible for naming our modern day of love. In the 3rd century AD, the powerful Emperor Claudius II executed two men- both named Valentine- on February 14th. Quickly revered by the Catholic faith, these men became martyrs and were celebrated each year on what became known as “St. Valentine’s Day.” Fast forward several years and the romantic prose of Shakespeare romanticized the holiday. Soon, these tender characterizations of the day proliferated Europe, eventually spreading to the New World, where this idealized, passion-filled day in February took on a life all its own.


From cupid-themed pieces to a 5.25-carat fancy pink diamond ring. Our gallery is filled with the perfect Valentine’s gift. With the holiday quickly approaching, we’ve analyzed our collection and hand-picked our top five favorite gifts for this Valentine’s Day.








1. Meissen Cupid Groups


This season of grand romantic gestures and proclamations of love is often personified by its most popular mascot – the mischievous young Cupid. In fact, this plump young cherub is actually older than the holiday itself! First making his appearance in Ancient Greece, the perpetually youthful Cupid and his spells of passion came to symbolize the invincibility and irrationality of love. Artisans of the Meissen porcelain manufactory quickly fell under his spell and crafted figurines of the young god, depicting his playfulness, passion, and desire.








2. Orangy-Pink Diamonds


It’s no surprise that we love colored gemstones. From fancy intense vivid yellow diamonds to dazzling blue Paraiba’s, it’s hard for us to just pick one. Still, our 4.05-carat orangy-pink stone continues to captivate us. Diamonds with a pink hue rank among one of the rarest colored diamonds and, in recent years, have obtained considerable attention on the market. To find a pink stone of this size, and color, is simply amazing.












3. German Silver Wedding Cup


Legend has it that in 15th century Germany, in the town of Nuremberg, a young noble mistress fell in love with a humble goldsmith. Consequently, the young woman’s father did not approve of the different in social class and forbid the marriage. Becoming so enraged with their passion, he threw the young man in jail, proposing they could only marry if he could craft a cup from which two people could drink. The challenge was met and the wedding cup was born.
















4. Perfume Bottles


As vessels for these lovely fragrances, perfume bottles are often considered a necessary and ideal accessory for perfume. Though they have existed since ancient times, when earlier Egyptians used containers of wood and clay, it wasn’t until the 19th century that perfume bottles became an art form of their own. In this time, an era that observed an unbounded fascination for finery, it was recognized that a bottle that encloses such an irresistible scent must be as striking and beautiful as the scent that is envelops.










5. Gold Étuis


An objet d’art with a multi-use function, the small, delicate étui means “to keep or hold.” Typically adorned with delicate engraving and chasing, these discreet cases would have perhaps held clanedestine notes of correspondence between lovers. Some may have even characterized a more practical purpose of holding smaller items such as needles or makeup necessaires.







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