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"Mystery Suitor" by Tishbein


It's hard to believe, but this year marks my 10th year at Rau Antiques. 10 years of pieces coming and going, buying and selling, setting up and breaking down. It's been an eventful decade to say the least, and all this recollection of it has me thinking of some important consistencies I've encountered-that in my opinion, affect YOU as the buyer directly!


Looking back, way back, from my first day of work here, I ask myself "What has increased the most in value over the run of 10 years?" The answer: Fine Art. Paintings that sold for $200,000 are now $600,000, which is an exceptional increase in value!  From my view, the Dow Jones can't compete with that, and you have another benefit in your favor; a beautiful work of art in your favorite room, not some burly, chatty stock broker on the phone.


Now, I tend to be bullish when it comes to art, and this is strictly opinion, but I can only see this trend of art performance in the market as repeating in the upcoming decade. Again, I'm no economic financier, but over and over art has proved to retain and gain in value, and the payoff is in more than cash, it's in beauty! Time and time again I've found that when you buy great paintings, by great artists, it more than pays for itself and keeps the buyer happy on many, many levels.


Have I convinced you? Then check out our extensive art collection here!




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