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In An Instant, I Was Whisked Away...

Staring deeply into the rich green hue of this emerald, so crisp and clean, I was transported back in time to a visit I made to the Emerald Isle.  The incredible green countryside almost looked like an impressionist artist had come along and painted this surreal scene just for me.


It is amazing what thoughts can be provoked by beautiful gemstones, especially when surrounded by diamonds and a setting that could be deemed a work of art in itself.  The lucky wearer may even have thoughts of a time long past and, for a moment, be transported back to that time.


An extraordinary Colombian emerald smolders in this sumptuous ring


This is such a ring.  It has it all: an Art Deco style setting that is a miniature work of art and an emerald so bright and clear, it's unbelievable.  In fact, no other emeralds bear the captivating verdant hue for which Colombian emeralds, such as this one, are especially prized.



The ring's stunning floral motif adds to its incredible charm

The ring's stunning floral motif adds to its incredible charm


A work of exceptional beauty and artistry, the rare 4.61-carat treasure from Colombia that this magnificent ring exhibits has been certified by the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) as being completely natural and unenhanced. This jewel is supported in its eye-catching platinum setting by emerald accents on the top and in the intricate floral-motif gallery, as well as by approximately 2.00 carats of sparkling white diamonds


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