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Royal Rococo


This magnificent Meissen porcelain mirror is a tour-de-force of Rococo design


One of the greatest pleasures derived from owning a great work of art, is that no matter how often you view it, you may often see something you have never noticed before. I have found this to be true without exception when enjoying our amazing collection of fine art. Often times, even the slightest change in lighting and direction may present an entirely new perspective.


Such is surely the case in this incredibly detailed mirror created by the Meissen factory near Dresden. Each time the viewer beholds it he or she will be amazed by a simply overwhelming number of intricately crafted, winding flowering vines, butterflies, birds and small insects. It could be that one may never take in the details in their entirety.


Renowned as the pioneers in producing the first “true” hard-paste porcelain in Europe, it was Meissen’s commitment to painstakingly delicate detail that elevated their creations above all others. A mirror of this size could only have been created by one of Meissen’s most skilled and talented artists.


Each flower portrays individually handcrafted petals, some so tiny in size it is hard to imagine how they could have possibly been created. The butterflies almost seem to flutter above as they seek nectar from the flowers, while the tiny bugs draw the attention of the nearby songbirds.


We have had many wonderful Meissen works through the years, yet none have been grander than this one.



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