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Sur La Terre

SUR LA TERRE, October 2011--Sir Winston Churchill is possibly one of the world's most famous historical figures. A world leader in every sense of the word. However, while he successfully captained the good ship Britannia through the stormy waters of War on more than one occasion, few will know that he was also a passionate artist. One of Churchill's most notable works, a landscape painting called the Tower of Katoubia Mosque is now for sale and is a priceless addition to any collector's wall.

Katoubia MosqueThe 18 x 24-inch oil painting, which depicts the tower of Katoubia Mosque at sunset with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance, was originally a gift for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Churchill painted it in 1943 after the pair traveled to view the sunset from the top of the Berber tower following a WWII Allied conference in Casablanca.

From FDR's home, where it hung until his death, it has passed through the collections of a lucky few before being acquired by New Orleans antiques heavyweight, Bill Rau, president of Rau Antiques where it is now on sale for a mere $3 million. As Sir Winston himself might say, "Never was so much (history) available on sale for so few (dollars)!"


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