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Century-Old Rolls Royce Picnic Set Up For Grabs

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THE LUXURY HUB, December 2010--

RollsRoyce PicnicWhen was the last time you hurled up the family in your Rolls Royce and headed for a picnic? Picnics are steadily losing their charm, but someone who knows the beauty of this lovely outdoor activity, will always ensure to have at least one picnic a year. And if you are the kind who does, then there is some wonderful news for you. M.S. Rau Antiques is now offering a vintage Rolls Royce picnic set. The elegant kit, complete with crockery, cutlery, utensils, flasks and jars is available in an attractive style and is designed to fit into the floor of your luxury Rolls Royce car.

The wooden box, which can also double up as a foot rest while placed in the car, carries tea cups, utensils, flasks and bottles for beverages, spoons, knives, salt dispensers and every other item that you would possibly need for a picnic. Durable, stylish and vintage, this picnic set is nothing short of a dazzling reminder of the years gone by.

So if you want to add some real value and carry a piece of history along with you on your next picnic, grab this lovely 100 year old Rolls Royce picnic set today.

Via - Rauantiques


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