S.S. Central America Justh & Hunter Gold Ingot, 30.83 ounces

  • This Justh & Hunter gold ingot weighs 30.83 ounces and was recovered from the S.S. Central America
  • Displaying a beautiful reddish-orange patina alternating with bright gold, it is an impressive bar
  • The S.S. Central America famously shipwrecked in 1857, losing its extensive cargo of gold
  • Items from this historic ship rarely come to market, especially ingots of this quality
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Item No. 31-3350

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This gold ingot from the assay office of Justh & Hunter is a rare treasure salvaged from the tragic 1857 shipwreck of the S.S. Central America. At the time of her sinking, the Central America was carrying 10 short tons of gold prospected during the California Gold Rush, mainly in the form of ingots and coins freshly minted in San Francisco. All of her cargo was lost in the wreck, and because such a large quantity of gold went down with the ship, the incident is considered the greatest economic catastrophe in U.S. maritime history, and it contributed to the Panic of 1857. Items recovered from her wreckage provide a fascinating glimpse into the rapid economic changes of the United States in the 19th century and are highly desirable among collectors.

An expedition rediscovered the ship in the 1980s, and only 86 Justh & Hunter ingots were recovered from the wreckage, including the present example. Their assay office was only in operation for three years, closing the year after the sinking of the Central America, and very few bars from this assayer exist today. This attractive bar displays a great deal of character, with a reddish-orange patina acquired during its time at the bottom of the Atlantic that alternates with bright gold. The specimen is impressed with the Justh & Hunter hallmark, serial #4322, its weight of 30.83 ounces, its fineness of .839 and its original 1857 value of $534.70.
S.S. Central America Justh & Hunter Gold Ingot, 30.83 ounces
Period: 19th Century
Origin: America
Type: Coins
S.S. Central America Justh & Hunter Gold Ingot, 30.83 ounces
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