14th-Century French Coin Necklace

  • The coin set in this gold necklace is over 600 years old
  • It was minted during the reign of King Charles V le Sage of France
  • Exquisite details mark the coin, including an image of the revered king himself
  • Set in 18K yellow gold bezel
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Over 600 years old, the gold French coin set in this elegant necklace dates to 1364-1380 CE and celebrates the figure of King Charles V le Sage. The king is featured prominently on the front of the coin, where he stands frontally beneath a Gothic arch flanked by a field of lis. He holds a sword and scepter crowned by the Hand of Justice. On the reverse of the coin, a cross fleurée is set within a quatrefoil motif and accented by fleur de lis and crowns. The coin is set in an 18K gold bezel with chain.

Charles V, known as le Sage ("the Wise"), ruled France from 1364 until his death in 1380. He led France into a period of recovery and victory after the disastrous outbreak of the Hundred Years' War, recovering much of the land annexed by England. His reign is marked by great strides including the foundation of a new French navy and army, tax reforms and harmonious alliances built with Flanders, Spain and Portugal.

Coin: Duplessy 360a
Setting: 18K yellow gold


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14th-Century French Coin Necklace
Period: Pre-18th Century
Origin: France
Type: Other Jewelry
14th-Century French Coin Necklace
Expert Insights: Numismatics

Coin collecting, or numismatics, has been known as the “Hobby of Kings” for centuries. Experts believe that the world’s first numismatic was likely Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, who held a fascination for ancient Greek coinage...

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