17th-Century Belgian Tapestry

  • This remarkable 17th-century Belgian tapestry is believed to be the work of Antwerp masters
  • The ancient tale of General Coriolanus is the subject of this decorative masterpiece
  • Belgian tapestries of this quality were made available only to the most wealthy
  • This tapestry retains an incredible level of condition considering its 400-year age
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Item No. 30-9005

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This extraordinary Belgian tapestry bears the hallmarks of superior workmanship that are synonymous with the tapestries of Antwerp. The scene it depicts is believed to be that of the legendary Roman general Coriolanus being made Captain of the Volsci by Attius Tullius. Immortalized in William Shakespeare's Coriolanus, the Roman hero was exiled from Rome and then allied himself with the Volsci, eventually leading them into battle against the empire. Tapestries such as this were created to adorn the homes of the wealthy and powerful and held a place of great importance. Today, these incredible works of art, especially those retaining the vivid range of color and excellent condition exhibited by this piece, remain highly desirable works of decorative art.

Antwerp came to dominate tapestry craftsmanship beginning in the 16th century, serving as the distribution center for the Belgian tapestry industry throughout the European continent. The area was distinguished for the prowess of its weavers and the exceptionally high-quality materials utilized. European royalty, including the imperial houses of Spain and Austria, as well as the papacy, favored these stunning Belgian tapestries and were frequent patrons.

17th century 

153” wide x 128” high 
17th-Century Belgian Tapestry
Period: 17th Century
Type: Tapestries/Textiles
Depth: 1.0 Inches
Width: 153.0 Inches
Height: 128.0 Inches

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