1804 Draped Bust 13 Stars Reverse Dime AU 55

  • This 1804 Draped Bust dime is of the 13 star reverse (JR-1) variety
  • The 1804 is the rarest in the Draped Bust dime series with only 8,265 struck
  • It is estimated that under 100 examples of the JR-1 variety exist today in any grade
  • Graded AU55 and with no Mint State specimens known, this is an especially rare find
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Item No. 31-3550

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This Draped Bust 13 stars reverse dime was struck in 1804, the rarest year in the Draped Bust dime series. Mint records show that only 8,265 were struck. There are two major varieties of this coin — one with 13 stars on the reverse and another with 14 stars. The 13 stars reverse is known as the John Reich one variety (JR-1) and is considered rarity 5, meaning that experts estimate fewer than 100 examples are extant in all grades. This date is almost always seen in low grades, and Mint State specimens are unknown, making an AU55 grade especially rare and ranked among the finest survivors of the variety.

Its design, created by Mint Chief Engraver Robert Scot and one of the most attractive in U.S. coinage, features Lady Liberty on the obverse with flowing hair tied in a ribbon and shoulders draped in fabric. She is encircled by the word “Liberty,” the date and 13 stars, echoed by the 13 stars on the reverse, symbolizing the 13 original colonies. The reverse also depicts a spread-winged eagle among the clouds and surrounded by palm and olive branches. This particular Draped Bust has resided in a number of famed coin collections, including those belonging to Lorin G. Parmelee, Harold Bareford and Allen F. Lovejoy. Boasting a beautiful design, strong pedigree, high grade and limited strike, this coin is a true numismatic rarity.
1804 Draped Bust 13 Stars Reverse Dime AU 55
Period: 19th Century
Origin: America
Type: Coins
1804 Draped Bust 13 Stars Reverse Dime AU 55
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