1934A Dallas $500 Federal Reserve Note

  • This 1934 Dallas $500 Federal Reserve note is among the rarest specimens of American currency
  • Featuring a portrait of President William McKinley, this note was discontinued in 1969
  • Today, large-denomination U.S. notes such as this largely reside in private collections
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Item No. 31-3151

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Printed in 1934, this rare Dallas $500 Federal Reserve note displays the visage of President William McKinley on its front with the denomination featured prominently on the reverse. Large-denomination currency such as this first emerged in the United States in the late 18th century and generally reappeared over the decades during times of war. Officially discontinued in 1969, today these bills are rarities that are highly coveted by collectors. 

The rare bill is marked with serial number "K00020733" and has earned a 35 "Choice Very Fine" quality grade from Paper Money Guaranty (PMG).
1934A Dallas $500 Federal Reserve Note
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Paper Money
Depth: 4.25
Width: 8.0
Height: 4.25

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