1934A Philadelphia $500 Federal Reserve Note

  • This 1934A Philadelphia $500 federal reserve note is a numismatic rarity
  • Today, this large-denomination bill's market value far exceeds its face value
  • Discontinued in 1969, $500 notes are highly coveted among collectors
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Item No. 31-3150

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This 1934 Philadelphia $500 Federal Reserve note is among the rarest specimens of large-denomination currency still in existence today. Printed with a portrait of President William McKinley on its front and the denomination on its reverse, today its market value far exceeds its face value. Such high-denomination currency was never widely circulated, and this note was officially discontinued in 1969, making it a true rarity and covetable collector’s item.

The bill is marked with serial number "C00020838" and has earned a 40 "Extremely Fine" quality grade from Paper Money Guaranty (PMG).
1934A Philadelphia $500 Federal Reserve Note
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Paper Money
Depth: 4.25
Width: 8.0
Height: 4.25

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