19th-Century Northern Italian Hobnail Safe

  • This incredible 19th-century safe would have been the most secure place for valuables
  • Such a complex safe would have been the most secure way to store one's valuables
  • The locking mechanism requires five unique keys used in precise order to open
  • Very few floor safes of this age and complexity are found in this impeccable condition
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Item No. 31-1473

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A pièce de résistance of mechanical complexity and exceptional craftsmanship, this fully functioning Italian hobnail safe dates to the turn of the 19th century and was one of the most secure means by which valuables could be stored. Weighing hundreds of pounds, the iron structure is covered with thick iron plates, polished iron straps and "hobnail" rivets as well as decorative iron mounts that are both striking and beautiful. The locking mechanism is marvelously complex, utilizing a total of five keys and one hook that must be manipulated precisely to open the safe successfully.

The keyholes are ingeniously hidden behind unassuming latch doors that are accessed by pushing an inconspicuous button. After that, one must know the precise way in which to manipulate the unique keys to successfully gain access to the safe's precious contents. Due to its complexity, it would have required upwards of six individuals to be present at one time (one for each key) in order to open the safe and access its contents, making it one of the most secure safes of its age.

Hailing from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, it is one of the very few floor safes of this size and complexity still in existence. Both its large dimensions and its decorative detail are clear indications that this safe was made by a highly skilled metalsmith and commissioned by an individual of import. 

Circa 1800

38" wide x 22" deep x 55" high
19th-Century Northern Italian Hobnail Safe
Period: 19th Century
Type: Safes/Strong Boxes
Depth: 22.0
Width: 38.0
Height: 55.0

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