Amethyst Cuff by Suzanne Belperron

  • Designed by Suzanne Belperron, this cuff bracelet features amethyst and diamonds
  • The beads of purple amethyst are nicely complemented by old-cut diamonds
  • A one-of-a-kind 20th-century visionary, Belperron is remembered as saying "My style is my signature"
  • Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold
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Item No. 31-5967

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This vintage amethyst cuff bracelet displays the marvels of color from French jeweler Suzanne Belperron. The patterns and bright purple hues of the amethyst gems are complemented by the old-cut diamonds. Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold.

Suzanne Belperron is perhaps best remembered for her eclectic style inspirations. After taking over the famed Herz jewelry house following the denouement of World War II, Belperron began to explore her own aesthetic influences, including natural flora and fauna, underwater realms and the art of Egypt and East Asia. Her jewelry was so unique at the time that she never felt the need to sign her items, insisting, "My style is my signature."

Circa 1940

Comes with purple Belperron case

2 1/8" inner diameter
Amethyst Cuff by Suzanne Belperron
Period: 20th Century
Origin: France
Type: Bracelets
Diameter: 2 Inches
Style: Retro
Amethyst Cuff by Suzanne Belperron
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