Ancient Intaglio Bracelet, 19K Gold

  • This bracelet serves as a rare example of the ancient Roman intaglio technique
  • The art of intaglio, also known as gemstone carving, dates to the 14th century B.C.E.
  • This bracelet displays meticulously carved onyx, agate and chalcedony
  • Set in 19K gold
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Item No. 31-5650

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Set in 19K gold and displaying seventeen carved gemstones dating to antiquity, this bracelet serves as an exceptionally rare example of the ancient Roman intaglio technique. This bracelet displays a variety of gemstones, each meticulously etched, including onyx, agate and chalcedony. Executed with the utmost precision, the intaglios feature scenes of flora and fauna, classical vases, gladiators and imperial leaders. Paired with a 19th-century gold setting accented by floral motifs, this one-of-a-kind, museum-quality intaglio bracelet remains a prized discovery, as coveted today as it would have been at its creation.

The art of intaglio, also known as gem carving, dates to as early as the 14th century B.C.E. and was practiced by ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, Assyria, Phoenicia, and later in Greece and Rome. In fact, the gemstone intaglio was one of the most popular jewelry designs in ancient Rome, as Roman men of social standing commonly wore intaglio rings in order to mark wax seals.

7 1/4“ length
Ancient Intaglio Bracelet, 19K Gold
Period: Pre-18th Century
Type: Bracelets
Length: 7
Style: Ancient
Ancient Intaglio Bracelet, 19K Gold
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