Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Ring, 3.62 Carats

  • The electric blue of a 3.62-carat Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline dazzles in this ring
  • The cushion-cut jewel displays the exemplary neon blue-green color so prized in these tourmalines
  • This Paraiba is surrounded by 84 shimmering white diamonds totaling 0.64 carats
  • Brazil is known for some of the finest quality Paraibas in the world
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Item No. 30-2365

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The sensational color of this 3.62-carat Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline hypnotizes in this platinum ring. This elegant, cushion-cut jewel is surrounded by 84 white diamonds totaling 0.64 carats. Paraiba tourmalines are among the most exciting gemstones in the world, and this stone exhibits the signature neon blue-green color of only the finest specimens. Only first discovered in Brazil in 1989, Paraiba tourmalines are now found in two places in the world: Brazil and Africa. These stones owe their spectacular coloring to the presence of copper in the stone. Due to the specific mineral composition of the mines, nature has created a gemstone that stands out among all others, and Paraibas are considered even rarer than diamonds.

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Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Ring, 3.62 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Ring, 3.62 Carats
Treasures from Brazil: Paraiba Tourmalines

Absolutely convinced he would find treasure buried deep beneath the barren hills of Paraiba, Brazil, the legendary miner Heitor Dimas Barbosa tunneled with a dedication and fury unlike any seen before…     The Games of th...

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