Bronze Musical Inkwell

  • This exceptional bronze inkwell is more complicated than it appears at first glance
  • Opening the hinged lid not only reveals the inkwell, but triggers a music box hidden inside
  • The glass tube at its center rotates when engaged, giving the illusion of flowing water
  • Wound through a key in the base, this piece is as charming as it is practical
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This charming bronze inkwell doubles as a charming music box. Opening the hinged lid at the top not only reveals the inkwell but also triggers the musical device hidden within. A tune plays, and the glass water appears to flow so long as the lid remains open. The richly crafted case sets off the scene beautifully, with its static trio of birds modeled as part of the action. Wound through a key at the bottom of the wooden base, this exquisite musical inkwell brings a delightful air to any desktop.

Features maker's mark "AB"

7 3/8" wide x 6 1/8" deep x 5 1/2" high
Bronze Musical Inkwell
Period: Unknown
Type: Other
Depth: 6.13 Inches
Width: 7.31 Inches
Height: 5.5 Inches
Bronze Musical Inkwell
The Evolution of the Marvelous Music Box

  From early man’s use of hollow logs to craft the first drums to the digital media we know and love today, our fascination with music has persisted throughout history. It’s truly a universal communicator with the ability to e...

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