Burmese Silver Bowl

  • Hailing from Burma, this unusually large Burmese silver bowl is a tour-de-force of silver artistry
  • The stunning piece is encased in magnificent high-relief repoussé decoration
  • The adornments detail scenes of Burmese pastoral life, with farmers and laborers at their daily task
  • Burmese silver works were a symbol of great wealth and privilege, making this bowl a rare treasure
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Item No. 30-0326

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This unusually large Burmese silver bowl is most certainly the work of a master artist. A tour-de-force of silver hailing from Burma, or Myanmar, this bowl exhibits some of the most magnificent high-relief repoussé decoration. A continuous tableau of Burmese pastoral life encircles this piece. Farmers and laborers populate the scene, driving plows and carts, sifting grain and drawing water before traditional stilt houses, nearly emerging from their place on this exceptional piece. Bands of foliate decoration and cast feet complete this intriguing design, while an inscription on the underside indicates that this bowl was presented as a gift and retailed in Thailand. 

Inscribed on underside "With the compliments to William M.C. Sim from Chan O-Chukit" with inscribed label "Chiangmai Antique"

Circa 1890

15 1/2" diameter x 8 1/4" high

72 oz.

The ancient art of Myanmar silver-work dates back to the 13th century. Silver items were a symbol of wealth and privilege, as monarchs customarily gave silver and gold bowls as rewards to the ministers and the attendants who served the royal family with faithfulness and loyalty.  Unlike silversmiths in other Buddhist lands such as Tibet or Sri Lanka, Burmese silversmiths did not use their skills on religious objects, as Burmese monks are not permitted to touch silver or gold. Thus, a bowl such as this, purported to take its shape from at the alms or begging bowls of Buddhist monks, is purely decorative.
Burmese Silver Bowl
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Asia
Type: Bowls/Porringers/Sauceboats
Diameter: 15.5 Inches
Depth: 15.0 Inches
Width: 15.0 Inches
Height: 8.25 Inches
Style: Art Nouveau

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