Canal Scene, Venice by Antonio María Reyna Manescau

  • Celebrated vedute painter Antonio María Reyna Manescau painted this picturesque canal scene
  • The impressive composition captures a detailed view of the Venetian landscape and architecture
  • Reyna is celebrated for his unique perspective on the city's landscape
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Antonio María Reyna Manescau
1859-1937 | Spanish 

Canal Scene, Venice

Signed and located “A. Reyna/Venezia” (lower right)
Oil on canvas

This exceptional painting by Spanish painter Antonio María Reyna Manescau captures the shining canals of Venice in stunning detail. As one of the leading practitioners of vedute painting in the late 19th century, Reyna is best known for his picturesque portrayals of Venice such as this. The scene's greens and earthy browns are offset by the lovely clear blue sky at the top edge of the canvas that is mirrored in the shimmering water below, while the architecture is beautifully rendered with Reyna's celebrated eye for precision. The composition is just as skillful, leading the viewer's eye on a journey down the canal's path and into the distance.

Reyna was born in Coín, Málaga in Spain, where he first began his artistic education at the School of Fine Arts in Málaga. There, he studied under Bernardo Ferrándiz, the founder of the Málaga School of Painting and José Moreno Carbonero. In 1882 he received a scholarship from the Provincial Council to study art in Italy, and he moved permanently to Rome. Reyna first traveled to Venice in 1885, where he was so attracted to the city's beauty that he made it the centerpiece of his oeuvre for the remainder of his career. 

After finishing his studies, Reyna chose to remain in Italy, where he grew into an accomplished and awarded artist. In 1895, he received the prestigious distinction of Knight of the Royal Order of Carlos III from King Alfonso XIII of Spain, the highest honor bestowed upon Spanish artists at the time. He was commissioned to paint two portraits of Pope Benedict XV for the Vatican Museum, and today, his works are represented in museum collections worldwide, including the Hermitage (Saint Petersburg) and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Late 19th/Early 20th century

Canvas: 13 1/4" high x 29 3/8" wide
Frame: 19 1/4" high x 35 1/8" wide
Canal Scene, Venice by Antonio María Reyna Manescau
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: Other Europe
Type: Paintings
Depth: 1.75 Inches
Width: 35.13 Inches
Height: 19.25 Inches
Canvas Width: 29.375 Inches
Canvas Height: 13.25 Inches

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