Carrara Marble Figure by Antonio Piazza 

  • This enchanting Italian sculpture is the work of Antonio Piazza
  • Depicting a young boy training his dog, this figure evokes the innocence of childhood
  • Carved of luminous Carrara marble, this figure is a work of exceptional detail and charm
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Item No. 30-0301

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A patient young boy instructs his attentive canine friend in this poignant Italian School sculpture by Antonio Piazza.  Crafted of pristine Carrara marble, this enchanting work is both highly detailed and endearingly emotive. The turn of the century was a time of incredible creativity in the marble arts, and sculptors like Piazza produced masterpieces that rivaled the most beautiful Neoclassical and Art Nouveau bronzes. Piazza (1875 - 1925) was known for his beautifully detailed pieces carved of Carrara marble. His works are housed at the Musée de Montpellier.

Signed "A. PIAZZA/ Carrara"

Circa 1890

31 1/4" high

Throughout history, marble has been used for architectural decoration, building and sculpture named Imhotep (2667 BC - 2648 BC), the first architect on record, used marble for the pyramids he designed noting that it was the most suitable material for immortalizing the art of construction. Carrara (or white) marble is the most admired due to its luminous, nearly flawless characteristics. First quarried in the 1st century, B.C., it is obtained from the Apuan Alps near Tuscany and has been used not only for statuary marble, but for building stone, vases, paneling and flooring, and was the favorite marble of Michaelangelo. Alluring beauty and costliness in production make marble works like these sculptures the ultimate symbols of luxury and wealth.
A boy instructs his canine companion in this detailed figure by Antonio Piazza
Maker: Piazza, Antonio
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: Italy
Type: Sculpture
Height: 31.25 Inches
Style: Neoclassicism

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