Chameleon Diamond Ring, 1.53 Carats

  • An incredibly rare 1.53-carat chameleon diamond is the star of this exquisite ring
  • The diamond displays a grayish green or minty green hue depending on the lighting conditions
  • Chameleon diamonds are the rarest and most sought after of the fancy colored diamonds
  • This example is GIA certified as natural with SI1 clarity
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Item No. 31-3713

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This extraordinarily rare 1.53-carat chameleon diamond possesses the remarkable ability to change colors. The square-shaped brilliant-cut jewel displays a certified fancy grayish-green color when viewed in normal conditions. When the diamond is left in the dark or heated, however, the stone temporarily transforms to display a minty green hue. The only natural colored diamonds with color-change abilities, chameleon diamonds such as this are both rare and highly sought after. 

Scientifically, there is no certain cause for the color-change phenomenon seen in chameleon diamonds, but it is believed to be due, in part, to the reaction between the diamond's hydrogen and isolated nitrogen atoms interacting when "excited" by increased temperatures and changes in UV light rays. This fascinating process cannot be duplicated, and there exists no known treatment to cause the chameleon effect in other stones. A true natural wonder, this diamond is one of the few of this size and quality found on the market. 

The gemstone is certified by the Gemological Institute of America to be natural chameleon diamond with even color distribution and SI1 clarity. It is set in 18K rose gold with two GIA-certified light pink diamonds totaling 0.83 carat.

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Chameleon Diamond Ring, 1.53 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern

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