Charles Parker Aesthetic Movement Pedestal Table

  • This brass table by Charles Parker Company is an exceptional example of the Aesthetic Movement
  • The table reflects the Japonisme style that was popular during the late 19th century
  • Crafted of brass and silvered brass, it is reminiscent of the Japanese metal arts
  • Similar tables can be found in the Met, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art
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The late 19th century was a golden age for decorative arts in America, with the American Aesthetic Movement promoting beauty in all things within the domestic realm. This brass and silverplate table by Charles Parker Company is a particularly exceptional example of the aesthetic furnishings that were so coveted during this period. Its artistry and craftsmanship reveal the heights that American artisans achieved during the Aesthetic Movement, and its quality rivals those of aesthetic furnishing found in museums throughout the country. Similar aesthetic tables by Charles Parker Company can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

 Japonisme was especially popular during the Aesthetic Movement, and this table reflects the craze for all things oriental. Japanese prints served as the inspiration for the stylized and flowers that border the design, while the combination of brass and silverplate is reminiscent of Japanese metal arts. A compelling mix of material, texture and form in the impressive design lend the table a character that is both luxuriant and exotic. 

 Emerging first in England in the 1850s, the Aesthetic Movement was introduced in America during the Philadelphia Centennial International Exposition of 1876. It remained an important driving force in the American decorative arts — particularly in domestic furnishings — throughout the 1880s. It was, however, relatively short-lived, making the most impressive examples of furniture quite rare and sought after. 

 Espousing the concept of art for art’s sake, the movement advocated for the pursuit of beauty in all things, from wallpapers and shelves to chandeliers and side tables such as this. Japanese motifs, particularly those related to the natural world, became central to the movement, as did materials that were both beautiful and utilitarian, including bronze and brass.

 As one of the largest and most diversified of all 19th-century brass manufacturing firms in the United States, the Charles Parker Company was arguably the finest maker of metalwork of the Aesthetic Movement. Primarily producing utilitarian goods, the company also offered an exclusive line of luxury wares, which featured their best aesthetic creations. This table is among their masterpieces and is perhaps the only example of this quality and complexity not presently in a museum.

Circa 1880

 20 1/2" wide x 15 1/4" deep x 27 1/8" high
Charles Parker Aesthetic Movement Pedestal Table
Period: 19th Century
Origin: America
Type: Occasional Tables/Étagères

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