Chemist's Cork Borer Cane

  • This cane would have been used by a chemist or biologist in the laboratory
  • The shaft contains a set of nested cork borers, an instrument used to cut holes in corks
  • Such scientific system canes are especially rare and collectible
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Once used by a chemist or biologist in the laboratory, this scientific system cane contains a set of nested cork borers in various sizes inside of its shaft. The metal tools were used to bore holes in a cork or rubber stopper to insert glass tubing.

36" length
Chemist's Cork Borer Cane
Type: System/Gadget Canes
Length: 36
Width: 36.0 Inches
Chemist's Cork Borer Cane
Wonders of the Systems Cane

Through its long and intriguing history, the cane has evolved from a simple walking staff to an indispensable tool for many professionals and hobbyists in the 19th century. Known as the system cane, the scope and functionality ...

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