Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Kendi

  • Crafted during the Ming Dynasty, this blue and white kendi displays an elegant floral motif
  • Kendi are used as a pouring vessel in Chinese homes for drinking or spiritual ceremonies
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Unique in design and elegant in execution, this rare Chinese porcelain blue and white kendi displays an elegant floral design of exceptional intricacy. Crafted during the latter part of the Ming Dynasty, the pitcher represents the incredible craftsmanship from height of the Chinese porcelain trade. Used as a pouring vessel for everything from drinking to spiritual ceremonies, the kendi served as an integral piece in the Chinese home. This remarkable piece would be a rare addition to any collection of porcelain or Chinese antiques.

The Chinese porcelain industry flourished during the 16th and 17th centuries, and elegant blue and white porcelain ware was particularly favored among elite patrons worldwide. Highly prized in Europe and America through the 18th century, Chinese blue and white porcelain would eventually inspire the famed Meissen porcelain factory in Germany, whose craftsmen sought to mimic these ancient techniques and styles.

Circa early 17th century

Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Kendi
Period: 17th Century
Origin: China
Type: Cups/Pitchers
Depth: 6.0 Inches
Width: 7.0 Inches
Height: 7.25 Inches
Style: Blue and White

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