Colombian Emerald, 269.51 Carats

  • This 269.51-carat Colombian emerald displays an unprecedented size with remarkable quality
  • The gem is certified by Gübelin as being unheated, with only minor traces of oil
  • To own a treasure so completely unique presents an unparalleled opportunity for gem collectors
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This monumental 269.51-carat Colombian emerald exemplifies the qualities of the finest natural Colombian emeralds on a grand scale. Colombian emeralds are among the most desired gemstones in the world and have been for centuries. The emeralds found in the Colombian mines, located deep in the Andes, are renowned for exhibiting an incredible natural purity and rich green coloring. The present emerald displays this quintessential “Old Mine” hue, as well as the distinctive inclusions — the emerald’s jardin — indicative of the stone’s prestigious origin. While the vast majority of emeralds are heavily oiled, the present emerald is certified by Gübelin lab as containing only minor traces of natural oil. Further, this spectacular gemstone displays impressive clarity, emphasized by its unique faceted cushion shape.

Of all Colombian emeralds mined, most (once cut and polished) weigh in at under three carats, and those that exceed five carats are considered a natural phenomenon. This 269.51-carat emerald is an unequivocal triumph of nature — an exceptional discovery that must be stewarded by a most discerning collector. The present emerald reminds us why these gemstones have been treasured throughout history, and often reserved for the hands of royalty.

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Colombian Emerald, 269.51 Carats
Origin: Colombia
Type: Loose Stones
Colombian Emerald, 269.51 Carats
What Makes Colombian Emeralds So Special?

Emeralds have long been treasured for their verdant green hue, but a select few stand above the rest: Colombian emeralds. These unique gemstones come from a historic location and are among the most coveted gemstones in the worl...

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