Coral Bead Necklace by Verdura

  • A breathtaking array of coral beads cascade around the neck in this bold necklace
  • The extraordinary piece was crafted by celebrated jeweler Verdura
  • The American jewelry firm is renowned for its groundbreaking and vibrant designs
  • This extraordinary piece exemplifies Verdura’s taste for large colored stones in gold settings
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Item No. 31-4448

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Breathtaking and vibrant coral beads cascade around the neck in this necklace by Verdura. The coral is beautifully hued and textured, enhancing the piece's visual impact, and the coral rests amongst brilliant repoussé 18K yellow gold beads The eye-catching beauty of this creation epitomizes Verdura’s renowned mix of femininity and bold design.

In business for over 80 years, American jeweler Verdura is credited for changing the look of 20th-century jewelry design, promoting the use of colored jewels and classical motifs in everyday wear. The celebrated firm was founded by Fulco Santostefano della Cerda, Duke of Verdura, following his introduction to style icon Coco Chanel. Recognizing his remarkable talent and revolutionary designs, Chanel tasked Fulco with redesigning her jewelry collection, resulting in the creation of one of Chanel’s trademarks - the Maltese Cross cuff. In 1939, he opened his own showroom in New York under the name Verdura and experienced remarkable success, creating some of the most imaginative and innovative jewelry of the 20th century.

Circa 1960

17" length
Coral Bead Necklace by Verdura
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Necklaces
Style: Retro
Coral Bead Necklace by Verdura
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