Cut Glass Monarch Vase by J. Hoare & Co.

  • This rare and highly detailed cut glass vase was crafted by J. Hoare & Co.
  • The vase features the highly coveted Monarch pattern
  • Covered in hobstars, fans and crosshatching, it appears to sparkle in the light
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This exceptional example of American Brilliant Period cut glass was crafted by the renowned firm of J. Hoare & Co. Executed in the radiant Monarch pattern, the impressive vase displays the intricate and deep cutting for which the legendary firm is renowned. Monarch is one of Hoare’s most collectible patterns, featuring deeply cut hobstars surrounded by fans and intricate crosshatching. This example boasts hobstars that extend up the entirety of the blank, resulting in a truly brilliant effect when viewed in the light.

The firm of J. Hoare & Company of Corning, New York, was founded in 1853 by John Hoare, a master cutter from Belfast who originally worked for Thomas Webb & Sons. After his emigration to the United States in 1848, he started his own business in Brooklyn in 1853, and moved to Corning in 1868. One of the greatest cut glass companies in Corning, Hoare was known for his exquisite cuttings, and he is considered one of the premier cutters of the American Brilliant Period

Circa 1890

7 1/2" diameter x 24 3/8" high
Cut Glass Monarch Vase by J. Hoare & Co.
Maker: J. Hoare & Co.
Period: 19th Century
Origin: America
Type: Vases/Rose Bowls
Depth: 7.5 Inches
Width: 7.5 Inches
Height: 24.38 Inches
Style: American Brilliant Cut Glass

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