Demantoid Garnet Bypass Ring, 5.35 Carats

  • Two exceptional demantoid garnets are showcased in this striking bypass ring
  • Totaling 5.35 carats, the verdant stones exhibit a remarkable radiance and intensity
  • Demantoid garnets are highly desirable due to their unparalleled luminosity
  • Set in platinum with diamond accents
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Item No. 31-2573

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Two remarkably rare demantoid garnets intersect in this stunning bypass ring. Weighing 2.68 carats and 2.67 carats, the perfectly matched brilliant-cut gemstones exhibit an incredible luminosity and green hue. Both garnets are certified by the American Gemological Laboratories as being Russian in origin and free from any clarity enhancement. The coveted stones are complemented by white diamonds totaling approximately 0.55 carat in their platinum setting.

Demantoid garnets are celebrated as the star of all garnets, boasting a radiance far finer than any other gemstones can achieve. In fact, its very name means “diamond-like,” and for this stone, the description is most fitting. These garnets exhibit an incomparable brilliance and fire, and have been a favorite of collectors since their discovery in 1868. They display a wide variety of colors, and once cut, only a few stones weigh more than two carats, and most rarely exceed one.

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Demantoid Garnet Bypass Ring, 5.35 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Russia
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Demantoid Garnet Bypass Ring, 5.35 Carats
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