Diamond Sabi Brooch by Henry Dunay, 3.75 Carats

  • This 18K yellow gold brooch was crafted by American jewelry designer Henry Dunay
  • The design features Dunay's iconic Sabi etching technique
  • Joined by 3.75 carats of white diamonds
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Item No. 31-6565

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This brooch, executed in 18K yellow gold by famed goldsmith and designer Henry Dunay, is covered in the designer's iconic "Sabi" texturizing technique. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics honoring simplicity and asymmetry, Sabi requires exceptional and precise hand etching. The brooch's design is perfectly accented by approximately 3.75 carats of white diamonds.

3 1/2" wide
Diamond Sabi Brooch by Henry Dunay, 3.75 Carats
Maker: Henry Dunay
Period: Contemporary
Origin: America
Type: Bracelets
Length: 3
Style: Modern
Diamond Sabi Brooch by Henry Dunay, 3.75 Carats
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