Duke of Hamilton Porcelain Service by Derby and Duesbury

  • This remarkable porcelain service was a special commission by Douglas, 8th Duke of Hamilton
  • Based on the design of the 5th Duke's service, the set features the Duke of Hamilton coat of arms
  • The set was crafted by renowned Derby-based porcelain makers Crown Derby Porcelain
  • Porcelain by Derby is highly collected and featured in important collections around the world
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Item No. 30-2846

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Exceptional in both craftsmanship and provenance, this outstanding porcelain service boasts a prestigious lineage. Crafted by the renowned Derby and Duesbury manufacturers, this remarkable service was specially commissioned by Douglas, the 8th Duke of Hamilton, 5th Duke of Brandon, as replacements for an original Chinese Export Service ordered by his grandfather the 5th Duke in 1737. A nearly identical porcelain dish from this earlier set is currently held in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Beautifully executed, the Derby porcelain service features the Duke of Hamilton coat of arms at its center, surrounded by opulent swags of ermine and pink fabric. Three sprays of beige and gilt flowers in the Oriental-style partially surround the crest and line the edges of each dish. Included in this exquisite service are:

A pair of lidded oval soup tureens
A pair of 18 1/2” oval platters
A 16” oval platter
Five 14 1/2” oval platters
Seven 13” oval platters
A pair of rectangular shallow dishes
A pair of scalloped circular deep bowl
Four scalloped oval monteiths
A pair of wine coolers
A pair of fruit coolers, covers and liners
Three pierced oval baskets
Four shell-shaped dishes
A 12 3/4” lozenge shaped dish
A pair of 11” lozenge shapes dishes
A pair of 10 1/2” lozenge shaped dishes
Four scalloped circular saucer dishes
Three square dishes
Three oval dishes
A 9” oval dish
Three 8 3/4” oval dishes
Twenty-one 9” plates

Established in 1750 in Derby, Crown Derby Porcelain is distinguished as the oldest remaining English porcelain manufacturer, and is to this day renowned for its high-quality tableware and ornamental porcelain. Under the direction of William Duesbury and his son, William II, in the late 18th century, the Derby company quickly rose in prominence, gaining distinction from King George III in 1773. Today, important porcelain works from the Derby makers are held in significant public and private collections around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A wine cooler from a service is pictured on page 146 of Derby Porcelain, 1976, by J Twitchett.

Circa 1780-1790

Each piece is fully marked with either the "Duesbury / London" stamp or the Crown Derby Porcelain stamp.

Derby Porcelain, 1976, J Twitchett
Derby Porcelain,1965, F. Brayshaw Gilhespy

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This 85-piece porcelain service was crafted by the renowned Derby and Duesbury
Maker: Royal Crown Derby
Period: 18th Century
Origin: England
Type: Dinner Service
Depth: 1.0
Width: 1.0
Height: 1.0

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