Elizabethan Man Porcelain Cane

  • The porcelain handle of this cane features the bust of an Elizabethan man
  • The man is depicted with a hat and detailed "Tudor ruff" collar
  • A silver collar complete this handsome decorative cane
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Item No. 31-2080

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The porcelain bust of a jovial Elizabethan man serves as the handle of this cane. From the frills of his "Tudor ruff" collar to his coiled hair, this cane is exquisite to the last detail. A sterling silver collar completes this walking stick. 

36 7/8" length
Elizabethan Man Porcelain Cane
Type: Decorative
Depth: 1.0 Inches
Width: 1.0 Inches
Height: 36.68 Inches
Elizabethan Man Porcelain Cane
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The walking stick or cane, at its core, is just that — a tool used to aid in walking, particularly over rough or rocky terrain. As such, the traditional walking stick is an object that has been around since the beginning of hum...

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