Embarquement pour le Havre by H. Claude Pissarro

  • Brilliant colors and a modernist approach define this oil on canvas by Hugues Claude Pissarro
  • The artist’s work reflects influences from his grandfather Camille and the Post-Impressionists
  • His distinctive crosshatching technique is on display in the present work
  • It beautifully reflects his preferred subjects and distinctive style
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Item No. 31-2794

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Hugues Claude Pissarro
b.1935 | French

Embarquement pour le Havre
(Boarding for le Havre)

Signed “H. Claude Pissarro” (lower right)
Oil on canvas

Brilliant colors and a modernist approach define this oil on canvas by Hugues Claude Pissarro. The artist’s work reflects influences not only from his grandfather, the Impressionist Camille Pissarro, but also from wider sources within Post-Impressionism. He developed a distinctive crosshatching technique both in his oil paintings and his pastels that lends his work a unique feel, one not replicated by any other artist, perhaps because it is so labor-intensive. Although Pissarro has been living in Ireland for almost thirty years, his subjects are drawn largely from his native France, a country where beauty can be found wherever you look: French villages, landscapes, river scenes, coastal views and urban scenes.

In these works, his aim is to re-capture the romantic past, a world which no longer exists where horses and carts thronged the streets and cars were a new invention. His figures are dressed in 19th-century fashion, and so we are taken on a journey back in time. Embarquement pour le Havre is exemplary of this aim, beautifully reflecting his preferred subject and distinctive style.

The legacy of the Pissarro family – now in its fifth generation – is among the most long-lasting and impactful in the history of art. Apart from its famed progenitor, H. Claude Pissarro is perhaps the most highly lauded member of this artistic clan. Pissarro began painting at a young age, learning his craft from his father. He exhibited his first works at the young age of 14 and later studied in Paris. Like many of his family predecessors, the scope of his work and talent is vast, ranging from engraving to lithography, from publishing to painting. His reputation as a painter quickly spread, resulting in a White House commission in 1959 to paint the portrait of President Eisenhower. While his style has evolved throughout his career, he is best known for his brightly colored compositions like the present piece.

Canvas: 18 1/8" high x 21 5/8" wide
Frame: 25" high x 28 1/2" wide
Embarquement pour le Havre by H. Claude Pissarro
Maker: Pissarro, H. Claude
Period: 1919-Present
Origin: France
Type: Paintings
Depth: 3.75 Inches
Width: 28.5 Inches
Height: 25.0 Inches
Style: Post-Impressionism
Canvas Width: 21.625 Inches
Canvas Height: 18.125 Inches

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