Émile Gallé Pagoda Cameo Glass Lamp

  • French glassmaker Émile Gallé crafted this pagoda-shaped cameo glass lamp
  • The piece is a testament to Gallé's mastery over this delicate art form
  • From brilliant yellow to rich crimson, the lamp radiates with amazing color
  • It represents the era's fascination with both natural motifs and Japanese aesthetics
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This exceptionally rare pagoda cameo glass lamp is the work of the inimitable French glassmaker Émile Gallé. Entirely hand-crafted, the exquisite piece is a testament to Gallé's mastery of this delicate art form. Careful wheel-carving and acid-etching reveal layers of vibrant color, from golden yellows and oranges to rich reds and ambers, which radiate from beneath the silhouette of the lamp's apple blossom motif. Gallé was inspired both by the natural world and Japanese motifs, and this lamp demonstrates the perfect convergence of Art Nouveau and Eastern styles.

Gallé was renowned for his naturalistic glass artistry, and today he is considered one of the pioneers of the Art Nouveau style. Uncertain about the staying power of electricity at the turn of the century, he produced relatively few of these lamps, making surviving examples such as this quite scarce. Unique hand-crafted lamps such as this are eagerly sought by collectors, and this rare example embodies the superb quality and detail for which the firm is known.

Signed “Gallé”

Circa 1900

4" diameter x 12" high
Émile Gallé Pagoda Cameo Glass Lamp
Period: 20th Century
Origin: France
Type: Lamps
Depth: 8.0 Inches
Width: 8.0 Inches
Height: 8.75 Inches
Style: Art Nouveau

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