Erotic 18K Rose Gold Pocket Watch

  • This classic example of Swiss watchmaking contains a sensual surprise
  • The pocket watch hides a racy erotica scene in gold on the interior
  • Erotic pocket watches are true horological treasures and highly coveted among collectors
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Exuding elegance and sophistication, this seemingly understated Swiss quarter-hour repeater pocket watch holds a racy surprise. While a simple white enamel and Roman numeral face tells the time and an innocuous, understated shield motif is beautifully engraved on the 18K rose gold case, the interior conceals a slightly naughtier tableau of a man and two women caught in the act. The automaton trio are hidden behind the cuvette and operate with a repeater function controlled by turning the crown.

The manufacture of watches with erotic designs such as this began in the 17th century when they were particularly sought after in the Chinese market. Typically concealed from immediate view on the case back, the racy motifs depicted figures in all manner of undress and intimate situations. By the 18th century, the popularity of exotic watches spread across Europe, India and more recently the Middle East. Only a handful of skill horologists crafted these timepieces, and the present example is also a shining example of Swiss watchmaking. Today, these risqué pocket watches remain popular among timepiece connoisseurs, as well as collectors of vintage erotica.

Circa 1900

2" diameter
Erotic 18K Rose Gold Pocket Watch
Period: 20th Century
Origin: Other Europe
Type: Watches
Diameter: 2 Inches

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