Fancy Purplish-Pink Diamond Ring, 2.58 Carats

  • An extraordinarily rare fancy purplish-pink diamond is at the center of this ring
  • The pear-shaped stone boasts a dazzling 2.58 carats, an impressive size for a pink diamond
  • Natural fancy pink diamonds are among the most desirable stones in the world
  • This impeccable gemstone is GIA certified natural fancy with SI1 clarity
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Item No. 29-9840

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The remarkably rare 2.58-carat fancy purplish-pink diamond at the center of this ring possesses a stunning saturation that places it among the rarest diamonds in the world. Most natural pink diamonds that are found contain modifiers and undertones, from brown and orange to purple and grey. Purple is the most desirable of these secondary hues, as it intensifies and enhances the stone's natural pink tone, resulting in a stunning saturation of color. Undoubtedly, the combination of the two colors is one of the most sought after duos in natural fancy colored diamonds. This example is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be a Natural Fancy Purplish-Pink diamond with SI1 clarity.

Pink diamonds are counted among the most precious and desirable gemstones in the world today, though they are so rare that most jewelers of fine gems could go their entire careers without even seeing one. The stones are worth approximately 20x more than their white diamond counterparts, and are found in only a handful of mines around the world. Of those found, natural pink diamonds over a carat are extremely hard to come by, making this 2.58-carat stone all the rarer.

This enchanting gem is set amidst 130 white diamonds totaling 1.90 carats, the perfect complement to the rich pink hue of the center stone. Set in platinum and 18K gold.

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 Fancy Purplish-Pink Diamond Ring, 2.58 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Stones: Colored Diamonds;Diamonds
Style: Modern
 Fancy Purplish-Pink Diamond Ring, 2.58 Carats
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