Florentine Pietre Dure Plaque

  • Vibrant marbles and hardstones were used to craft this extraordinary work of Florentine art
  • Known as pietre dure, this meticulous technique creates the perfect trompe l'oeil effect
  • Due the intricacy and time-consuming nature of the craft, pietre dure of this size are rarities
  • Such pieces are highly desirable for their remarkable realism and intricate execution
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An extraordinary "painting in stone," this Florentine pietre dure is a truly exceptional example of the art form. The charming classroom tableau is composed from different kinds of polished marble and stone in place of paint. The multi-colored pieces were all carefully chosen for color and pattern, cut with the utmost precision and precisely inlaid onto a stone base to form the scene. Designed to trick the eye, this scene masterfully incorporates dramatic contrasting light and shadows along the crisp architectural lines of the classroom, creating the perfect trompe l'oeil effect. 

The subject is typical of the pietre dure plaques that were popular during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly those produced by the Grand-Ducal workshops in Florence. The flawless workmanship is also reminiscent of the Florentine masters; by the late 16th century, Florence had emerged as the epicenter of the art of pietre dure, and its workshops quickly became famous for producing some of the most beautiful hardstone objects of the 16th through 20th centuries.

Due the intricacy and time-consuming nature of the craft, pietre dure artisans had a very niche and high-wealth clientele. Few could afford such precious pictures crafted in stone, so pietre dure artists created pieces such as this on a commission basis for only the most important clients. The most desirable works from this period display remarkable realism and intricacy in their execution, with a preference for genre subjects such as this and natural landscapes. 

Circa 1900

Plaque: 15 1/4" high x 21 1/2" wide
Frame: 20" high x 26 1/2" wide
Florentine Pietre Dure Plaque
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: Italy
Type: Other Fine Art
Depth: 2.5 Inches
Width: 26.5 Inches
Height: 20.0 Inches
Canvas Width: 21.5 Inches
Canvas Height: 15.25 Inches

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