French Crown Jewels Burma Ruby Necklace

  • Dramatic red rubies evoke pure drama in this magnificent necklace
  • The necklace hails from the French Crown Jewels
  • Set with rubies and diamonds, this necklace is a reflection of the extravagance of the collection
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Item No. 31-5614

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Dramatic red rubies evoke pure drama in this magnificent necklace that hails from the French Crown Jewels, one of the most extravagant collections of royal jewels to ever exist. Crafted of fine calibré-cut Burma rubies, mine-cut diamonds and natural pearls, each jeweled section of the necklace suspends a pearl drop.

The jewelry assembled by the French queens and empresses was legendary. Over 400 years of the finest examples were kept together for the Royal families to wear and enjoy. After the disastrous Franco-Prussian war culminated in 1871, Emperor Napoleon III abdicated and in 1875 the democratically elected French Third Republic was born. The newly born government feared right-wing and Royalist adversaries staging a coup, so they decided to auction off almost all the jewels. They reasoned: “without a crown, there cannot be a King!” 

This sale of the crown jewels was by far the most important auction of the entire nineteenth century, and it was also the single event that propelled Tiffany and Co. to become the most famous luxury emporium in the western hemisphere. Charles Tiffany traveled to Paris for the auction at the Louvre and purchased roughly a third of the collection. He then shipped these famed gems to New York and had individually crafted leather boxes made for each and every object. The boxes all displayed the Royal French coat of arms as well as the words “Diamants De La Couronne” (Crown Jewels) embossed in 24 karat gold. When the collection was finally unveiled, members of America’s high society stood in lines around the block to get a chance to own these treasures. Tiffany and Co.'s reputation of being the greatest purveyor of fine gems was complete.

This extraordinary necklace is truly fit for royalty. It comes complete with its original leather fitted case, a part of the remarkable sale.

Set in silver-topped 18K gold

Stamped "Diamants de la Couronne"

Circa 1830

15" length
French Crown Jewels Burma Ruby Necklace
Period: 19th Century
Origin: England
Type: Necklaces
Length: 15
Style: Victorian

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