Full Sail by John Steven Dews

  • A 19th-century bark sailing ship commands the seas in this painting by John Steven Dews
  • Dews is considered the greatest living maritime artist
  • His canvases capture the regal beauty of sailing ships navigating the open seas
  • Incredible original works by this artist are in high demand
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John Steven Dews
b.1949 | British

In Full Sail

Signed "J. Steven Dews" (lower left)
Oil on canvas

A 19th-century British bark (barque) commands the choppy sea in this oil on canvas by John Steven Dews. The famed maritime artist is widely considered the greatest living master of marine painting, renowned for his breathtaking, highly detailed compositions of sailed ships at sea. In the present work, Dew's skill at photorealism and his ability to capture dynamic movement are fully evident. The captain of this merchant's vessel looks out into the open sea as his ship navigates the rough waters at full sail, with the British red ensign flowing behind. With an incredible energy, Dews captures the volume of the sails and the vitality of the white-capped, churning waves as the vessel effortlessly glides through the water.

Born in Yorkshire in 1949, Dews learned his trade at the Hull Regional College of Art after being turned down as a candidate at numerous naval academies. He turned to art to express his love for the sea, eventually building a sizable enough portfolio to mount his first exhibition in 1976. An astounding success, Dews sold nearly the entire collection on opening night, and he received 17 new commissions. Ever since his blockbuster opening, Dews has enjoyed remarkable success and critical acclaim, earning numerous prestigious commissions and awards to this day as one of Britain’s most sought-after living artists. 

Canvas: 24" high x 36" wide
Frame: 31 3/4" high x 44" wide
Full Sail by John Steven Dews
Maker: Dews, John Steven
Period: 1919-Present
Origin: England
Type: Paintings
Canvas Width: 36 Inches
Canvas Height: 24 Inches

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