German Sterling Silver Bird Box

  • This sterling silver singing bird box exhibits both artistic beauty and mechanical skill
  • The case takes the form of a book and holds a highly complex mechanism
  • When activated, the bird emerges, flittering its wings and moving its beak to "sing" a tune
  • A tremendous amount of patience and skill was required to make these fascinating objets d'art
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Item No. 30-7924

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The entire case of this delightful German bird box is crafted of sterling silver in the form of a book. Yet, it is what is inside this mechanical work of art that truly makes it enchanting. Hundreds of screws, wheels and levers are hidden within to form an exceedingly advanced complex movement. With the simple press of a button, the cover lifts and a miniature bird covered with colorful feathers is revealed. As the mechanism unwinds, the bird appears to sing a tune, while moving his beak and flapping his wings in a remarkably natural movement. When the birdsong is complete, the tiny creature simply slips back into the box and the lid automatically closes behind it. As mechanically complex as it is beautiful, this box is a truly enchanting musical antique.

Features maker's mark for Vereinigte Silberwarenfabriken of Hanau, Germany and the number "925" for sterling silver

5 1/8" wide x 3 3/8" deep x 1 3/4" high 

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German Sterling Silver Bird Box
Period: 20th Century
Origin: Germany
Type: Bird Boxes
Depth: 3.38 Inches
Width: 5.13 Inches
Height: 1.75 Inches

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