Horse Measuring and Antler Whistle Cane

  • The antler handle of this exceptional walking stick is carved to create a whistle
  • When one blows into the handle, it produces a clear sound
  • Additionally, a horse measuring ruler hides within the cane's shaft.
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The rustic antler handle of this handsome system cane is fully equipped with a whistle, and it hides a handy horse measuring ruler within. Both a practical and attractive accessory, it would have been used to hail cabs or attract attention in addition to being a helpful tool for the horse dealer who could quickly extend the ruler to measure the horse in hands.

36" length
Horse Measuring and Antler Whistle Cane
Type: System/Gadget Canes
Length: 36
Width: 36.0 Inches
Horse Measuring and Antler Whistle Cane
Systems Canes

      Systems canes are the most highly collected types of canes and there are literally thousands of types from which to choose. A system cane is one that has a dual purpose or hidden meaning or function. These canes were use...

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