Hunter's Rifle Holder Cane

  • Achieve the perfect shot with this rare hunter's gun rest cane
  • A brass guide pivots from the crook handle, providing a steady holder for a rifle
  • Its bamboo sheath is removable, revealing a metal shaft to hold it steady in the ground
  • Perfect for the avid sportsman, it is a highly collectible cane
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Item No. 30-7729

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This rare hunter's walking stick helps one make the perfect shot. The bamboo sheath can be removed to reveal a solid metal shaft, which is placed firmly in the ground for optimal balance. A brass guide pivots from the crook handle, providing the perfect place for a hunter to rest his rifle.

36 1/4" length
Hunter's Rifle Holder Cane
Type: System/Gadget Canes
Length: 36
Width: 36.25 Inches
Hunter's Rifle Holder Cane
Hidden in Plain Sight: Weapon Canes

Beginning in the Victorian era, a walking stick was a staple of any wealthy man's wardrobe. As far as self-defense goes, a concealed weapon cane offers the perfect element of surprise. From metal canes with a concealed blade t...

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