Intense Orangy-Pink Diamond Ring, 4.05 Carats

  • An incredibly rare Intense Orangy-Pink diamond weighing 4.05 carats
  • This exceptional diamond has a wonderful coloration and VS1 clarity
  • Pink diamonds are among the rarest colored diamonds in the world
  • This heart-shaped jewel is set within a sea of green garnets and pink diamonds
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Item No. 30-0367

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This highly important heart-shaped intense orangy pink diamond weighing 4.05 carats is a rarity not often seen on the market. Diamonds with a pink hue rank among the scarcest of all the colored gemstones, and those that weigh over one carat are particularly prized for their rarity and beauty. Fancy pink diamonds can possess a range of hues, from pale pink to deep magenta, but rarely is one found with the delicate orangy tint of the present example. That it is ranked as "Intense" on the saturation scale makes it all the more striking.

The vibrant, peachy-hued stone has an undeniable romantic appeal that is enhanced by its exquisite heart-shaped cut. Requiring perfect symmetry, the heart shape is one of the most difficult gemstone designs for cutters to master. Only the most talented experts can create the shape to perfection. Also, the cleft silhouette requires that much of the stone be cut away, making an example of this size exceedingly rare. 

This orangy-pink diamond is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be "Natural Fancy Intense Orangy Pink" with VS1 clarity. Set in 18K yellow gold with green garnets and pink diamonds.

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Intense Orangy-Pink Diamond Ring, 4.05 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern

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