Italian 18th-Century Iron Safe

  • This remarkable 18th-century safe would have been the most secure place for valuables
  • The complex locking mechanism is fitted with three hidden keyholes
  • Adorned with decorative ironwork motifs, the vault is both functional and visually striking
  • Few such floor safes exist today, making this example incredibly important
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Item No. 31-5982

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Distinguished by its intricate locking system and exceptional craftsmanship, this spacious 18th-century Italian safe provides the utmost in security. Weighing nearly 300 pounds, gaining access to the massive safe’s contents requires three keys and a unique lock pick. The keyholes are hidden behind secret panels that must be precisely manipulated in order to unlock the outer door successfully. Featuring remarkable decorative ironwork elements on its exterior, including all-over hobnails, scrolling acanthus leaves and mandalic motifs, this safe is both functional and visually striking. 

New locking mechanisms developed around the 18th century, requiring more complicated, complex processes for anyone seeking to open the safe. These innovations, in combination with new industrial materials, allowed safes and other vaults to become indestructible and impenetrable without the proper keys and know-how. Vaults that utilize multiple keys are frequently referred to as “partners safes,” as they were most likely utilized by merchants and business owners of the period in place of banks. More than guards of one’s valuables or money from greedy thieves, safes such as this one also protected important documents in case of fire.

Late 18th/Early 19th century

44“ high x 29” wide x 16 3/4“ deep
Italian 18th-Century Iron Safe
Period: 18th Century
Type: Safes/Strong Boxes
Depth: 16.75 Inches
Width: 29.0 Inches
Height: 44.0 Inches
Italian 18th-Century Iron Safe
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