KPM Porcelain Vase and Plinth, Monumental

  • This opulent vase with matching plinth is a masterpiece of KPM porcelain
  • The vase and plinth together stand at over six feet high
  • Resplendent hand-painted enamel scenes and gilt flourishes envelope the vase and plinth
  • Exceptional doré bronze adds splendor to this work of porcelain art
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This monumental KPM porcelain vase and plinth are enveloped in meticulously hand-painted scenes of 18th-century figures at leisure. Mounted in elegant doré bronze, various scenes of ladies and gentlemen courting, serenading and even playing "Blind Man's Bluff" are executed in both poly- and monochrome tones of the most exceptional quality. The vase, which stands at nearly four-feet high alone, rests upon a hexagonal base featuring plaques of the same Rococo-inspired theme and masterful quality, framed in doré bronze. Gilt detailing surrounds both vase and plinth, adding respendent golden Rococo flourishes to this over-six-foot-tall KPM masterpiece.

The Royal Porcelain Factory, or KPM (Königsliche Porzellan-Manufactur), was founded by Frederick the Great in 1763. This factory, under the patronage of the Prussian ruler, quickly established a reputation for the unequalled quality of materials, decoration and design. Known for its formal porcelain, the factory is also considered to have produced the best porcelain paintings to be found today.

Bears the KPM blue overglaze mark under the plinth.

Late 19th- / early 20th century

Vase: 47" highWith Plinth: 74" high
This stunning vase and plinth are masterpieces of KPM porcelain
Maker: KPM
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Germany
Type: Vases/Urns
Depth: 23.0 Inches
Width: 23.0 Inches
Height: 74.0 Inches

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