Le jardin de Périgny, Yonne by Gustave Cariot

  • A charming chateau garden is the subject of this brilliant oil by Gustave Cariot
  • The work is rendered in a bold palette with lively brushwork that embodies the artist's style
  • It displays the luminosity and perspective of his finest compositions
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Gustave Cariot
1872-1950 | French

Le jardin de Perrigny, Yonne
(The Garden of Perrigny, Yonne)

Signed and dated “G. Cariot 1906” (lower left)
Oil on canvas

Enamored with the fleeting effects of light on the landscape, renowned French painter Gustave Cariot devoted his canvases to representing these fluctuations with brilliant color. This charming composition depicts a well-groomed chateau garden at mid-day, rendered in a bright palette with energized brushstrokes that embody this Post-Impressionist artist's mature style. Striking, vivid and among the artist's largest compositions, this work displays the luminosity and perspective of his finest artworks.

Gustave Cariot was born in 1872 in Périgny-sur-Yerres but grew up in the arts district of Marais in Paris. The son of a luggage maker, he originally carried out an apprenticeship with his father, though he spent much of his free time studying art and design. Entirely self-taught, Cariot never received formal training, but he was heavily influenced by the work of the Impressionists, particularly Claude Monet. Despite this, Cariot’s works favored structure over the looser brushstrokes of Monet.

His earliest works take as their subject Paris and the French countryside, as Cariot experimented with the effects of light and color at different times of the day. His style soon incorporated elements of the Neo-Impressionists, including the Divisionists and Pointillists, though he himself shunned the title. He was a member of the prestigious Société des Artistes Indépendants and the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts and exhibited frequently in their shows, as well as at the Galeries Durand-Ruel in Paris.

Dated 1906

Canvas: 28 7/8" high x 36 1/4" wide
Frame: 40" high x 47 1/2" wide
Le jardin de Périgny, Yonne by Gustave Cariot
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: France
Type: Paintings
Depth: 3.38 Inches
Width: 47.5 Inches
Height: 40.0 Inches
Style: Post-Impressionism
Canvas Width: 36.25 Inches
Canvas Height: 28.875 Inches
Le jardin de Périgny, Yonne by Gustave Cariot
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