Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Presentation Sword

  • This sword was presented by Lloyd's Patriotic Fund to a valiant captain
  • The blade was given to Captain James Pendergrass of the Hope in 1804
  • Both the blade and the scabbard are wrought with masterful workmanship
  • The Patriotic Fund only presented swords for valor from 1803-1809
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Presented to Captain James Pendergrass of the British East India Company ship Hope, this incredible sword was awarded by the Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund and is one of the finest Georgian naval swords ever made.

The Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund was founded in 1803 to assist the many casualties of the Napoleonic Wars and is one of the oldest military charities of its kind. The organization commissioned these swords to honor Britain's great wartime heroes who distinguished themselves with "successful exertions of value or merit.” It is considered to be one of the highest distinctions a naval officer could receive. The swords were awarded between 1803 and 1809 and are thus exceptionally rare.

Worth £50 at the time, these were the only such swords Lloyd's ever presented to Merchant Navy officers and are the only ones of that value to have the ship’s name and date engraved on the scabbard. Though £50 does not seem like a significant prize today, taking inflation into account, this presentation sword was roughly worth upwards of £322,000, or $419,000.

The craftsmanship of this sword is a direct reflection of its importance. The piece presents an unparalleled level of workmanship, with a hilt richly mounted in silver gilt with classical decorative elements. The blue-steel blade is itself a masterpiece, adorned with a profusion of gold acanthus leaves, coats of arms and classical figures. As a whole, it offers a magnificent display of British artistry.

The blade also features the details of Captain Pendergrass’ deeds that earned him this tremendous distinction. The Captain played an important role in the Battle of Pula Aura in 1804, as he was part of a large convoy of East India Company ships that effectively evaded a powerful French naval squadron. Though they were not protected by any warships, the convoy avoided capture by the French, thus preventing both the East India Company and Lloyd's of London from falling into financial ruin.

The inscription reads “From the Patriotic Fund at Lloyds to I Prendergras Esqr. Comng. The H.E.I. Cos. Ship Hope, One of the Fleet of Merchantmen which on the 15th Feb. 1804 Defeated and Pursued a Squadron of French Men of War under command of Adl. Linos in the Marengo of 84 guns as recorded in the Gatze, of the 11th August.” 

The sword is signed "R. Teed, Sword Cutler, Lancaster Court, London"

Retaining its original scabbard and case, this sword is an astonishing relic of British naval history.

Presented in 1804

Sword: 35 3/4" length
Case: 39 7/8" length x 7 7/8" deep x 2 3/4" high 
Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Presentation Sword
Period: 19th Century
Origin: England
Type: Arms and Armor
Depth: 6.0 Inches
Width: 35.75 Inches
Height: 1.0 Inches

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