Louis XIV Period Tortoiseshell Mirror

  • This exceptionally rare Louis XIV-period mirror is veneered in solid tortoiseshell
  • An extraordinary luxury, tortoiseshell was a rare commodity in the 18th century
  • Intricately pierced ormolu mounts are the perfect accent to the red-tinged shell
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Item No. 29-5314

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This magnificent and very rare Louis XIV period mirror boasts a frame of solid tortoiseshell veneer accented with intricate bronze ormolu mounts. This is an item of extraordinary luxury, as not only was mirror glass quite precious and in short supply during the 17th and 18th centuries, but tortoiseshell, from the tropical seagoing turtle, was one of the most luxurious commodities in the world at this time, as well. Any items veneered in this exotic material, especially a large mirror such as this, would have only been crafted for the most affluent customer. Almost from the moment he was crowned king in 1661, Louis XIV set about cultivating the magnificence of the monarchy. He felt that nothing demonstrated this magnificence like grand palaces and extraordinary, priceless furniture. To ensure that his palaces and furniture properly reflected his glorious self, the king commissioned the best craftsmen in the country to create items of the finest materials. Artisans like André-Charles Boulle, Alexandre-Jean Oppenordt, and Jean Bérain produced suites of furniture and decorative items for the King’s new showpiece, the Palace of Versailles. Many of these items, such as the furniture made of solid silver, have not survived, therefore a substantial period Louis XIV piece such as this in such fine condition is truly a remarkable find. Circa 1700 33 1/4” wide x 43 1/4” high Provenance:Michel Meyer, Paris, 1979
This luxurious tortoiseshell mirror exemplifies the masterful craftsmanship of the Louis XIV period
Period: 18th Century
Origin: France
Type: Other
Width: 33.25 Inches
Height: 43.25 Inches

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