Lucius Verus Gold Roman Aureus

  • The profile of Lucius Verus decorates this gold Aureus, struck during the emperor's reign
  • Lucius Verus served as co-emperor with his adopted brother Marcus Aurelius, a first for Rome
  • This is the only known example of a Lucius Verus Aureus with this exact reverse image on the market
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Item No. 31-3355

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A striking portrait of emperor Lucius Verus decorates the obverse of this ancient gold Aureus, the basic gold monetary unit of ancient Rome, while a triumphant Victory is struck on the reverse. Struck shortly before his death in 169 A.D. and still displaying its brilliant gold coloring and sharp detailing, it is a rare artifact of the emperor’s short reign and ancient numismatics.

Lucius Verus ruled as co-emperor alongside his adopted brother, Marcus Aurelius, who had refused to take power unless the Senate confirmed them both. Their joint confirmation marked the first time the Roman Empire was ruled by two emperors. This particular die combination is extremely rare, with no examples of Lucius Verus with this exact reverse image known on the market today, meaning this could be a unique variety.

Circa 169 A.D.
Lucius Verus Gold Roman Aureus
Period: Ancient
Type: Coins

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