Mahogany Desk by Thomas Chippendale

  • This writing desk from the highly esteemed Thomas Chippendale is exceptionally rare and unique
  • A masterpiece of design & construction, Chippendale put much effort into perfecting the desk
  • Practical innovations allow the desk to be displayed open or closed
  • The genius of Thomas Chippendale’s designs defined the furniture styles of the 18th century
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Item No. 31-6159

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This writing desk from the highly esteemed Thomas Chippendale is exceptionally rare and unique. The renowned cabinetmaker was the first craftsman to exhibit such a strong following that an entire style bears his name and not that of a monarch. He was famous for using the highest quality timbers, the finest quality mounts and for striving for perfection in every piece of furniture he created. Chippendale's clients included Catherine II of Russia, famed actor David Garrick, the noble houses of Nostell Priory, Harewood House, Burton Constable, Ayrshire and Kent and more. Many of these originally commissioned pieces are still held in the most prestigious and private royal collections.

As a master of design and construction, Chippendale put as much effort in perfecting the interior as he did the exterior of his pieces. The show timber on this piece is the finest quality Cuban mahogany and Chippendale’s innovative and signature red wash has preserved the timber to near perfection. Chippendale also included practical and innovative details that were sure to delight any man or woman who struggled to keep their workspace tidy. The top of the desk has a pair of hinged panels that fold out to rest against the sides, revealing the original green baize lining. The central detachable reading flap slides to show the front of the desk with three drawers, all with their original brass swan-neck handles. As you would expect from his workshop, the cabinet work throughout is exemplary and show Thomas Chippendale’s supreme skill at his most exquisite. 

Truly a historical triumph, this present work of art could grace any of the world’s most important museums. A writing table, or desk, was primarily a functional piece and most of Chippendale’s desks were far simpler than this item. The purity and detail in the design of this masterpiece are far beyond the norm; its magnificence in function indicates that it was certainly commissioned by an aristocratic patron. Not only is this one of the finest examples of the immaculate designs that Thomas Chippendale produced, but it is also the best preserved of its kind in existence. A near identical form desk by Chippendale can be seen from Lord Lonsdale’s Lowther Castle collection, but this desk has additional superior features and a far grander presence. This desk comes with a letter authenticity that verifies this exceptional piece. 

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Circa 1760

37" high x 57 3/4" wide x 35 3/4" deep
Mahogany Desk by Thomas Chippendale
Maker: Chippendale, Thomas
Period: 18th Century
Origin: England
Type: Desk/Writing Tables
Depth: 35.75 Inches
Width: 57.75 Inches
Height: 37.0 Inches
Style: Chippendale
Mahogany Desk by Thomas Chippendale
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