Majolica Canopic Jars

  • This pair of majolica canopic jars reflect the Egyptian Revival style of the 19th century
  • Each is topped by the head of Imset, the funeral deity and one of the four sons of Horus
  • Masterfully crafted, they exhibit the shiny glaze that is associated with majolica pottery
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Item No. 31-2849

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This pair of Egyptian Revival majolica canopic jars reflects the renewed interest in Egyptian design and aesthetics that swept through Europe during the 19th century. Their shape is influenced by ancient Egyptian canopic jars, which were used during the mummification process to store the organs of the deceased for the afterlife. Ancient Egyptian canopic jars were adorned by images of the gods of the afterlife, and these vases are likewise topped by the head of Imset, the funeral deity and one of the four sons of Horus. Sphinxes are etched into their bulbous forms, which exhibit the shiny glaze associated with majolica pottery. In total, these vases embody the singular aesthetic of the Egyptian Revival.

Beginning with the Napoleonic conquest of Egypt in the 1790s, public awareness of ancient Egyptian monuments and artifacts increased throughout Europe, and the fervor for Egyptian-style art and architecture grew steadily over the coming decades. This fine pair, with their canopic form and Egyptian motifs, epitomizes the style of the era. 

Late 19th century

14 1/2" diameter x 20 1/2" high
Majolica Canopic Jars
Period: 19th Century
Type: Vases/Urns
Depth: 14.5 Inches
Width: 14.5 Inches
Height: 20.5 Inches

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